The Farm

- A story of a dream -

For years, in the wild and rough desert of Arabia, the Arabian horse has been selected for it's character, intelligence and resistance. Sweetness, sensibility, power and talent to anticipate each order of his rider, have been selection criteria that made the breed what it is now. But it seems that more and more people forget about this versitality and gold character to focus only on it's beauty. But we, at Angels Gardens, believe that beauty is nothing without brain... Raising our horses in big pastures where they enjoy the calm and freedom of nature, while having all the comfort the modern horse can find in a perfect stable. We want to reconcile the world with that unknown part of the Arabian horse, it's ability in every kind of equestrian discipline. Leisure riding, dressage, western, jumping, endurance or carriage, each of our horses will be trained following it's conformation and abilities. The perfect horse for us? A lifetime companion that will lead you to victory as well under saddle as with a show halter. We take pride in breeding horses that bring full meaning to the word "beauty"...

Our Horses:

1 Are fed with high quality products. Our own quality hay, own dust free straw and quality concentrated and oats.

2 Are turned out daily and most of the horses spend the whole summer in the fields, the foals are running since their birth in big fields, growing naturally and strongly their legs, hooves, lungs, and their whole body as well as a balanced mind.

3 Are trained with patience and according to their abilities. They are ridden much in the country side, developing their trust, muscles and a positive attitude.

4 Our foals are manipulated, used to people and daily cared with love and respect since birth.

5 The stallions are turned out near mares and if possible with other stallions or geldings, keeping them in a balanced mind.

Angels Gardens - Arabian Horses